Tree House - Almighty Julius 0,473l can 9,4% alc.

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

 Stočeno / Canned : 05/31/23

Kód: 12260
599 Kč / ks
Kategorie: Pivovar
Hmotnost: 0.51 kg
PIVOVAR: Tree House Brewing Company 

 Julius, a trend-breaking IPA and flagship in our line-up, is a beer we hold in deep reverie, a paragon we approach with awe and respect with each passing turn on the brewhouse. Without Julius there is no Tree House, and without Tree House there is no Julius. We are deeply grateful to it for bestowing upon us the cherished opportunity to pursue creative endeavors beyond our wildest dreams So, with the utmost care, behold Almighty Julius, a Triple IPA rendition of our benchmark! The Almighty is crafted with paramount attention to detail and admiration for what came before it. It builds upon our past by encompassing years of toil, representing the legacy we wish to leave behind and the magic we aspire to continue as long as we are able. Most importantly, we craft it to live up to the goodwill you have granted us since our earliest days. The Julius family is a cornerstone to our endeavors at Tree House, endeavors that have seen us through hardship, friendship, life, and business in ways we could not have imagined starting out. We can't fathom a better way to celebrate eleven fortunate years than with this progressive beer representing the Tree House spirit at its core. We hope you enjoy it in good health and good spirits, and we thank you for your fervent support of our brewery.

Složení: Voda, ječný slad, chmel. Obsahuje lepek.

Legislativní označení: Pivo světlé silné.

Země původu: USA 



Ninabar s.r.o.

Šimáčkova 3

62800 Brno



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