Tree House - Data Set #3 0,473l plech 8% alc.

Double IPA

 Stočeno / Canned : 03/17/23

Kód: 11960
499 Kč –40 % 299 Kč / ks
Kategorie: Pivovar
Hmotnost: 0.51 kg
PIVOVAR: Tree House Brewing Company
PhotoRoom 20230405 162423 5
499 Kč –40 % 

The Data Set series is our endeavor to explore a broad spectrum of yeast and how they affect the flavor outcome of our style of beer.

Each batch is crafted with the same base of ultra-pale malt and juicy American hops to enable the different attributes of yeast to delineate each flavor profile. Each batch contains the best of our yearly hop selections to truly sing.

For Data Set #3, we utilize a common English Ale yeast somewhat similar to our House blend. Because the process and recipe are the same, this batch will have similarities to Data Set #1 but with distinctive differences. As a discerning drinker, we’d like to hear what you have to say. Enjoy, and let us know about your experience. This beer carries classic Tree House appeal.

Složení: Voda, ječný slad, chmel. Obsahuje lepek.

Legislativní označení: Pivo světlé silné.

Země původu: USA



Ninabar s.r.o.

Šimáčkova 3

62800 Brno



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