Tree House - JJJuiceee Project Galaxy + Galaxy + Galaxy 0,473l plech 8,7% alc.

Double IPA

stočeno 1.6.2023

Kód: 12265
549 Kč –45 % 299 Kč / ks
Kategorie: Pivovar
Hmotnost: 0.51 kg
PIVOVAR: Tree House Brewing Company
PhotoRoom 20230405 154612 3
549 Kč –45 % 

We are pleased to introduce a fresh spin on the JJJuiceee Project, this time featuring Peacharine! This distinctive New Zealand hop is used in abundance in both the kettle and the dry hop, enhancing the juicy character far beyond an ordinary Tree House-style IPA. Our close collaboration with New Zealand growers has granted us early access to this fantastic new hop, and this beer embodies the ultimate celebration of this promising lupulin newcomer. Pouring a mouthwatering hazy yellow into your glass, Peacharine delivers an aromatic medley of sweet peach, zesty citrus, and mixed tropical fruits. The sharp bitterness is fleeting, enticing you to savor the next captivating sip. What an experience! Enjoy!


Složení: Voda, ječný slad, chmel. Obsahuje lepek.

Legislativní označení: Pivo světlé silné.

Země původu: USA



Ninabar s.r.o.

Šimáčkova 3

62800 Brno



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